About us

We Are A Business Exchange Company

The goal is to build the largest business search directory and exchange company.

Who We Are

We are a team of socially responsible developers. Our app is aimed at making information accessible to everyone across northen cyprus atleast.

Owing to the exponential growth in population on the island and the constant need for people to know various timetables, schedules and events, it dawned to us that a product to handle all that would be handy.


As a content provider, we allow intersted parties to help in the creation as well. Ad placement varies according to content type. Depending on your company's need, we can help create an ad for you, as we have a team of designers.

We cross-check every ad that is placed on our platform, to ensure device optimization, accuracy and consisteny of ads with our company's policy.

Our Vision

The bigger picture lies along the path of being the largest media distribution agent in Northern cyprus and greater. This will come through modern unconvensional business practices and company culture.

Our product and sevices tend to disrupt the status quo and pave the way for innovation and competitive business models and user satisfaction.

Our Core Values


As an IT company, we know that the value of information we present is incalculable, so it it in our best interest it be accurate.Owing to this value, we regularly check on our contributors and information sources should there be any altercations, to ensure consistency and validation of content.


Owing to the diversity of our app users' demographic, we devised a way to effectively target our promoters' ads to the required audience. As with any ad platform, analytics are everything. We pride our selves in giving detailed reports of our promotor's ad performance and insights.


Because good will is incalculably valuable, we value the truthfulness of our company and associates' interractions. This code applies to enusre that both our content users and creators are in harmony with each other, hence keeping us in the right light consequently.

Our Past And Future Projections


Goal: Achieved / Date: 07/Nov/2016

1st Prototype

We released our first concept, that got us to partner with local businesses inline for our full product launch.

Try iSHY

$50 000: Pending / Dates: Aug-Sept/2017

Crowd Funding

Our crowd funds will be deployed towards re-develpment, debugging and marketing iSHY it to a broader audience.


+60%: Donated / Launch: 01/Jan/2018

iSHY Launch

Consumer product launch, incorporation and setting up a monetization funnel to ensure sustainence and expansion.

Pitch Deck

Launch: Achieved / ICO: Q3/2018

iSHY ICO & Expansion

Our ICO will give us the leverage to expand globally and our tokens usable on our platform for goods or services.

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