Be The Change You Strive To See

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In order to do something, you have to want it. If you want something, you’ll endure all the struggles and pain that come with it. A change can only happen if you want to see it happen.

People want apps that make their lives easier and serve a specific function. The only challenge is to avoid falling into the trap of developing an app that only serves a single purpose. So that is why today we bring you iSHY, an app that will offer any sort of information in various sectors and channels.

Before usage we are already expecting frequent use because people tend to come back to what simplifies lives. This project started off as an idea but it is the characters that moved the idea forward so I give all recognition to the team of developers. iSHY app made it easier for the general Kibris folk and also stands as an epitome of how dreams evolve into reality when enough energy is manifested. In the end we ensured the longevity of our app, owing to the principles we built it upon and has gone to prove its impact in people’s lives

Money never starts an idea it’s the idea that starts the money.