The Birth Of An Idea #ishyapp

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iSHY, was conceived in the last quarter of 2015. The ideology had been the topic of discussion for over 3 months before its implementation. It only came to dawn in September.

It was named after him, owing to his active involvement in Ronald's life at that point in time, let alone it was the only birthday gift we could offer. As an idea incepted under a time of turmoil and instability, its maturity came only a month later. In spite its hazey birth, Ronald knew how powerful it would be and the social impact it would have to his immediate society atleast. So a team was formed and a start up found.

The idea he unearthed on the 3rd was further polished from just a mere convenience app to a multimedia news and marketing app. It must be stated that, none of the panelists who sat on that balcony, in summer of 2015 had envisaged how their half brewed concussion, would turn out to be anything close to what it is today. All we had in mind, was to do some good, and hopefully make a decent change in our lives. The hardest thing was not the design, coding, nor finances, but instead was fear of how we would put all the mentioned resources together in synch with our dream considering the situation at that time. Though were motivated, but the change we wanted to make demanded a lot more from us beyond which can be narrated in this posted.

The best way to predict the future is to create it!