It’s by no doubt in this day and age that the greatest leverage you have in customer acquisition is genuinely caring about them.

Yes, your product has to be of competitive quality but the one variable we over-shadow and yet sets most businesses apart is care. The sooner it dawns to business personnel that it should be their intention to not only satisfy their customers, but please them. The north star lies within the relationships. People will be romantic with where they buy their goods and services as long as price and other variables are competitive enough. People hate to change above all. Its within our DNA, but it has to be stated that given enough the reason, the market will not be romantic about you should another competitor come with better service provision and customer care.

The birth of such an atmosphere, or culture rather starts with in the company. The way managers and peers interact should instill this discipline, as charity begins at home. It’s undeniable that a happier worker is likely to handle customers better than an aggravated one. Company culture is the key to achieving such. It is the duty of the HR manager or an equivalent manager, to address internal cancers before they spread.

Social presence is equally as important, as it helps you address customer concerns and gratifications on the fly. You would rather have a customer talk about you bluntly on your Facebook page, because there, you can address to the issue with everybody watching. On the other end, if they are to talk by word of mouth to 10 other people, you can’t address to them, but lose business instead. I can never put enough emphasis on empathy, as it cannot be quantified, but if your business is to grow organically, year in and out, caring without any expectation of gain plays a major role.

Always, a satisfied client is the best marketer.