Ditch The Old, Catch Them Young

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Gone are the days of conversional marketing, TV and Radio ads more specifically. The birth of mobile has leveled the playing field, and the best part is, mobile is still in its infancy.

This post is not completely disregarding the relevance of TV and or Radio, but there to highlight how the internet and social media advertising have changed the game. In this era where people value their time more than ever, people hardly watch the commercials in between games. Companies however are slowly adapting, but at a rate slower than start-ups.

The reason most people usually disrespect new ad platforms is they are often teaming with youngsters. This how ever has been the norm as with many new platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. It’s not by accident that these great platforms started with the youth going up. Companies need to realize that, the second a platform has enough, people within their teens and early 20s, its likely to become successful.

The upside of getting onboard platforms in their infancy, is that you get more followers before everybody else gets them. The secret lies within the youths, as they are the innovators and often unromantic about the platforms they use to socialize and do business. It’s no secret that it all starts with the kids, the same way you taught your mum how to use a smart phone and how she is now on Instagram 3years later. The loop repeats its self, till eternity. The point is that, companies, SMEs and individuals, need to take new platforms and tech a bit more seriously, as the upsides of investing time and creatives into infant platforms are priceless.

In an ever changing world, the market is the main business determinant. Keep up with it.