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Fund Distribution

The funds we raise during the course of our Indiegogo campaign shall be distributed towards the payment of the following goods and services. For those that donate directly through our website the funds will be used to finance the same products, and in the event we surpass our goal, we will hold the funds for futher expansion, and give more Perks to our supporters. We urge ever backer to notify us via email upon making a donation, in crypto or kind. If you want to remain anonymous we appreciate the support regardless. Check the footer section for our postal address, to all those interested in sending gifts or promotional goods.


Goal:$50K - $100K Date: Q4 2017

App Development

Redesigning our app and updating it is our most important task now, as it precedes any other developments we might want to incoporate on our platform. Our current version's inability to scale and efficently deliver our vision is what led us to this radical redesign.

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Goal: $10 000 Date: Q4 2017


Once we have raised atleast 60% of the budgeted amount, we will start marketing out app prior to development completion. This will also encourage secondary businesses to en-list their goods & services on our platform before the official app launch.

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Goal: $7 000 Date: Q4 2017

Documentary Vlog

Our Documentary Video Blog "Life B4 iSHY" #LB4i will help us to inform our iSHY community of users, backers and enthusiasts learn more, keep in touch and be a part of our amazing journey, into building the next disruptive business exchange platform after google.

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Goal: $20 000 Date: Q2/2018

Blockchain Development

Details of how we are going to deploy blockchain technoly is still under discussion, but its value is undisputed. Due to the breadth of our business directory, blockchain technology will help make smart contracts and payments seamless and more accessible.

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